Billy Ocean

1976 - Billy Ocean
1977 - GTO ‎– 2321 115, PGP RTB ‎– LP 5688

A1 Tell Him To Move Over 3:26
A2 Stop Me (If You've Heard It All Before) 3:56
A3 Let's Put Our Emotions In Motion 3:09
A4 Let's Do It All Again 3:40
A5 Love Really Hurts Without You 3:02

B1 Whose Little Girl Are You 2:56
B2 Soul Rock 2:38
B3 One Kiss Away 2:53
B4 Hungry For Love 2:54
B5 Eye Of A Storm 2:38
B6 L.O.D. (Love On Delivery) 2:42

1979 - City Limit
1980-Q.S. Records

A1 Stay The Night
A2 What You Doing
A3 Who's Gonna Rock You
A4 Maybe Tonight
A5 City Limits

B1 Are You Ready
B2 Whatever Turns You On
B3 Taking Chances
B4 American Hearts

1981 - Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)

A1 Are You Ready 4:26
A2 Don't Say Stop 4:38
A3 Whatever Turns You On 6:15
A4 Another Day Won't Matter 4:16

B1 Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) 4:42
B2 Who's Gonna Rock You 3:32
B3 Stay The Night 3:11
B4 Everlasting Love 3:18
B5 Taking Chances 4:13

1982 - Inner Feelings

A1 Calypso Funkin' 6:25
A2 Rock-A-Bye Baby 4:37
A3 No Matter What 4:45
A4 Dance With Me 4:27

B1 Can't Stop 3:47
B2 Tryin' To Get Through 3:44
B3 Mind Games 5:32
B4 Was It You 5:57
B5 Inner Feelings 5:46

1984 - Suddenly
1985-ZKP RTVL ‎– LL 1226, Jive ‎– LL 1226

A1 Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)
A2 Mystery Lady
A3 Syncopation
A4 The Long And Winding Road

B1 Loverboy
B2 Lucky Man
B3 Dancefloor
B4 If I Should Lose You
B5 Suddenly

1986 - Love Zone
PGP RTB ‎– 2223708, Jive ‎– HIP 35

A1 When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going 5:43
A2 Love Zone 5:34
A3 Without You 5:00
A4 There'll Be Sad Songs 4:50

B1 Bitter Sweet 5:00
B2 It's Never Too Late To Try 4:50
B3 Showdown 4:53
B4 Promise Me 4:33
B5 Love Is Forever 4:15

1988 - Tear Down These Walls
Jive ‎– HIP C57, PGP RTB ‎– 520071

A1 Tear Down These Walls
A2 Gun For Hire
A3 Stand And Deliver
A4 The Colour Of Love
A5 Calypso Crazy

B1 Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
B2 Soon As You're Ready
B3 Pleasure
B4 Because Of You
B5 Here's To You

1993 - Time To Move On

A1 Pick Up The Pieces (Put It Back)
A2 Pressure
A3 Upside Down
A4 Everyday Sunshine
A5 Stand Up Stand Up
A6 The World Wants To Dance

B1 Time To Move On
B2 Rose
B3 Can We Go 'Round Again
B4 Everything's So Different Without You
B5 I'll Be There For You
B6 On Your Knees

1998 - Emotions In Motion

01 - On The Run (Hold On Brother)
02 - Emotions In Motion
03 - Love Really Hurts Without You
04 - Super Man, Super Woman
05 - Hungry For Love
06 - Eye Of A Storm
07 - What's Gonna Happen To Our Love
08 - Whose Little Girl Are You
09 - Can You Feel It
10 - Light Up The World With Sunshine
11 - Wild Beautiful Woman
12 - He Ain't As Black As He's Painted
13 - On The Run (Hold On Brother) (Extended)

2009 - Because I Love You
EQ Music

01 Everything To Me
02 Baby Don't Go
03 Happy Refrain
04 I Remember
05 My Lady
06 The Question Is
07 Because I Love You
08 Can't Take It
09 Tenderness
10 Father Returns
11 Rastafari
12 Can't Take It Remix
13 Boogie